About Us

Getting the job done in a reliable, flexible and environmentally-friendly way.

Who We Are

MEC Constructors is a Canadian owned and operated company, anchored by our people and processes. Safety is our culture and a cornerstone of our operating model. MEC Constructors’ goal is to achieve a zero-harm workforce with a coordinated execution within your schedule and budget commitments.

What We Do

We are a strong and proud team of professionals and craftsmen that deliver exceptional maintenance, turnaround and construction services to the Energy and Heavy Industrial industries across western Canada.

MEC Constructors’ leadership believes in and understands the value of highly engaged and empowered people, ensuring that with every step along the way your project succeeds. We’re a reliable company that time and again sees the big picture.

MEC Constructors’ greatest asset is its people – individuals who effectively partner with its customers to build long-term relationships. As a company with years of experience backed by quality workmanship, MEC Constructors is the construction and facilities management company of choice.

Why Choose Us

MEC Constructors is a leading integrated, multi-trade construction contractor serving the Industrial Market across western Canada. Known as a reliable and flexible contractor, MEC Constructors operates with integrity and loyalty to its employees, customers, suppliers and the communities it serves.

MEC Constructors’ business strategies align with a concern for a healthy global environment. By incorporating green, sustainable practices within facilities, customers achieve greater environmental consciousness with cost control to improve their bottom line.

Seeking to always uphold its traditions for fair dealing, quality work, and sustainable growth, MEC Constructors is dedicated to remaining a reliable, flexible, and innovative leader in an evolving market.


Value & Vision

Our vision and professional values form a bedrock to return to time and time again.



Wherever and whenever we work we make sure that everyone is safe and out of harm’s way.

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Whether you need a turnaround contractor or something as small as welding services we’re here to serve you.

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Drawing on years of know-how, MEC Constructors is perfectly placed to handle every need.